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Jul 01

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Jul 11

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Jul 11

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Jul 10

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Jul 09

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Jul 08

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Jul 08

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Jul 08

This year’s Eurovision winner Loreen will be performing in Malta on 25 July. The Swedish star will be having a 30-40 minute performance in a show to take place at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC), Ta’ Qali at 20.00h.

Stand Out Events are also including other popular local live acts and top dance artists. Tenisha, Kurt Calleja, DJ Ruby, Brooke and the debut band MsLeads will also appear in the same show as well.

It will be Loreen’s second visit to Malta as her winning entry Euphoria is highly popular on the island. The event will be hosted by Nathan D.

Stand Out Director Antonella Vassallo spoke enthusiastically about the event and in a press conference said that this is going to be a concert full of Maltese talent. She said she is honoured that a Eurovision song contest winner will be visiting Malta for the first time at the peak of the singer’s success.

“We need to support more the Maltese talent. It’s going to be a party more than a concert.”

Loreen will perform live six songs from her repetoire. Raised in the countryside outside Stockholm in a family of Moroccan-Berber origin, Loreen’s musical influences include Bjork and the Australian musician Lisa Gerrard. She is currently working on a full album project.

The Swedish star enjoyed international success following her victory with her song ‘Euphoria’ in Baku, Azerbaijan. ‘Euphoria’ topped many European charts and reached number 3 on the UK official singles chart.

DJ Ruby and Tenisha will draw crowds with their dance music before and after her performance. The budding 3 member band MsLeads, the Maltese Eurovision song contest winner Kurt Calleja and his band and the Brooke, a Maltese singer currently living for the past three years in London will entertain live the audience.

Ticket sales are VIP Standing at 50 euro, General Standing at 20 euro. Tickets are also available from For more information visit or call 27450000 / 27450077.

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Jul 06

Translated by: Filippa
Translation available by clicking on cc under the video. If that doesn’t work, try updating your adobe flash :)

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Jul 05

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Jul 04

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The video for “Euphoria” is directed by four times Grammy-nominated Marcus Söderlund (With the production company Folke Film) and was recorded during 24 hours in one of Stockholm’s nearest “wilderness” at Scrape farm. Marcus who was listed in the Pitchforks “50 Best Videos of 2000″ and has worked with names like The Though Alliance, Fibes Oh Fibes and Miike Snow, builds a magical atmosphere when he lets Loreens inherent powers to play against the forces of nature.

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Jul 02

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Jul 02

The international radio listeners have cast their votes, and they confirm Loreen’s spectacular Eurovision win last month in Baku, Azerbaijan with the song Euphoria. With Loreen’s victory in two categories, ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Female Artist’, Sweden triumphs for a second year in a row after winning two ESC Radio Award trophies last year with Eric Saade and Popular. Before 2011, Sweden couldn’t win any trophy in the listeners’ votings.

The ESC Radio Awards winning song Euphoria, with 17.0 % of the vote, was written by Peter Boström & Thomas G:son. For G:son it’s the second trophy, following D’Nash’s win in 2007 with Spain’s entry I Love You Mi Vida which he co-wrote. The 2nd place in the ‘Best Song’ category, with 8.46% of the vote, goes to La La Love, performed by Ivi Adamou for Cyprus. The listeners’ voting confirms the performance of these two songs in the European charts after the Contest. Estonia’s Kuula came 3rd with 6.74%.

In the ‘Best Female’ Artist category, Loreen won with 17.3%, Italy’s representative Nina Zilli came 2nd (13.3%), and her Baku entry L’Amore È Femmina (Out of Love) finished 4th in the ‘Best Song’ voting. The 3rd place as ‘Best Female Artist’ goes to Ivi Adamou (Cyprus) with 12.5% of the vote.

The voting in the ‘Best Male Artist’ category resulted in a clear win (19.8%) for Ott Lepland who represented Estonia at this year’s ESC with Kuula. The song took the 3rd place in the ‘Best Song’ category. Runner-up as ‘Best Male’ is Roman Lob from Germany with 16.5% of the vote , closely followed by Serbia’s Željko Joksimović with 15.6%.

In the ‘Best Group’ category it was a veritable neck-and-neck race all the way, and only last night during the last hours of voting the decision fell in favour of Iceland’s Gréta Salóme & Jónsi, who performed Never Forget in Baku. The Icelandic duo pipped Romania’s band Mandinga by just a few votes, 23.7 and 23.5%, respectively. The 3rd place goes to Sinplus from Switzerland, with 13.9% of the vote. For Iceland it’s already the third trophy win since the ESC Radio Awards were initiated in 2006: in 2008 Euroband won the ‘Best Group’ trophy and in 2009 the listeners voted Yohanna ‘Best Female Artist’.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Jul 02

Translated by: Filippa
Translation available by clicking on cc under the video. If that doesn’t work, try updating your adobe flash :)

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» 25/07 - Malta
» 26/07 - Helsingborgsfestivalen, Helsingborg
» 27/07 - Motala Parken, Motala
» 27/07 - Hudikkalaset, Hudiksvall
» 11/08 - Efterfest, Ludvika
» 16/08 - RIX FM Festival - Norrköping
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